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Pyrolysis process flow chart

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Refined tyre oil can be directly used in tractor

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Waste to oil video

Chongqing,China customer's 4 sets 10T/D pyrolysis plant succesfully running
One set waste tire recycling to rubber powder machine was transported to Kazakhstan yesterday
Czech customer bought one set 10 tons pyrolysis plant from our company
3 sets 10T waste tire pyrolysis plant started operating of customers from Zhanjiang city, Guangdong P
Analysis of used tyres pyrolysis plant project
How to make diesel from plastic cheaply?
Waste tire /plastic pyrolysis plant demo process waste tire /plastic to fuel oil
Tyres doubling machine runing video
Pyrolyis plastic to diesel plant pyrolysis plastic to diesel process
Waste tire pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video

A good feedback about plastic oil plant from Guatemala customer

plastic to oil
Waste plastic to oil plant installed in Guatemala
The Guatemala customer is a German gentleman with strict requirements, he bought 2 sets 10T/D waste plastic to oil plants from us and installed in Guatemala in 2015. Now these 2 machines are still running well, and we got a few feedbacks from the customer recently.
He said that the oil output from his waste plastic to oil plant is about 65-75%, and carbon black is about 10-15%. He is very satisfied with this result, and told us that he would buy more machines from us. Below are some chatting records between us, please check for reference.
plastic to oil
Guatemala waste plastic to oil plant
plastic oil plant

Plastic oil from waste plastic by waste palstic to oil plant
waste plastic to oil plant
Feedback from Guatemala customer

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