Introduction of Pyrolysis Oil Solutions

1:what is pyrolysis oil
Pyrolysis oil is the end product of waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis project. Pyrolysis oil is a synthetic fuel under investigation as substitute for petroleum Pyrolysis oil is widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel.

Following is plastic pyrolysis oil specification:

Density at 15℃ 0.8205 g/cm³
Water content 0.15% (V/m)
Total sulfur content 0.0644%(m/m)
Acid number 8.4mg KOH/g
Flash point by PMCC < 40 ℃
Ash 0.009%
Gross Calorific value 42.86MJ/kg
Net Calorific value 40.21MJ/kg

2: pyrolysis oil uses
Pyrolysis oil is widely used in industry field,such as power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,ceramic fatory ,boiler factory.
pyrolysis oil to diesel oil

3:pyrolysis oil distillation process
Solution: pyrolysis oil distillation
Applicable: Tire oil, Plastic oil, Waste oil, Pyrolysis oil,Engine oil, Black oil, Heavy oil, etc
Output: 85-90% good clean oil, the rest is slag and waste gas
Heating fuel: Coal / wood/ fuel oil / gas
Oil refining machine land size: 20X15m
Reactor material:Q245/ Q345 Boiler plate
pyrolysis oil to diesel oil