General Questions of Pyrolysis Plant

Technical support

Why we developed the continuous pyrolysis plant?

The continuous pyrolysis plant can handle many kinds of waste, such
as wasteplastic,waste tyres,waste rubber,oil sludge and so on.

Our conitnuous pyrolysis plant is controlled by PLC system with
automaticfeeding and discharge system,which only need 1-2 worker for
operating the PLCor computer is ok,so it is very easy ti operate it and
our customers can save much cost of time and labor.

Our continuous pyrolysis plant adapts to multiple reactor design which
can makefully pyrolysis of waste tire/plastics,thus to get high
oil output.

Also due to continuous feeding and discharge system,and unique mutiple
reactordedign, our automatic continuous pyrolysis plant can process at
least to tons waste tirs per day, up to 100T/D.

Form what has been discussed above,That's why we developed the
continuouspyrolysis plant.

Technical support

What's raw material of continuous pyrolysis plant

Pyrolsyis plant raw materail
Oil yield of different raw material
PE 95% Submarine cable 75%
PP 90% Rubber cable 35%
PS 90% Sole 30%
ABS 40% Big tires 45%~50%
Plastic bag 50% Small tires 35%~40%
House garbage 35%~50% PVC Not suitable
Plastic cable 80% PET Not suitable
Leftovers of paper Wet 15-20%,dry 60%

Through continuous improvement and constant technology upgrading,we have designed continuous waste tyre/plastic/rubber.

Pyrolysis plant which can convert tyre/plastic/rubber into useful resources more efficiently.

Continuous pyrolysis can process raw material:waste tire,waste plastic and waste rubber.

Technical support

How does continuous pyrolysis plant works?

Wate tire pyrolysis process
Treatment processes of waste tires

1.Collect waste tires: All kinds of waste tires are available, grome small
car tires to big OTR tires.

2.Remove steel wire:Use a steel wire pulling machine to pull out the
steel wire from waste tires.

3.Shred tires: Use a dpecialized tire shredder to process big whole
tires into 3-5cm small pieces for easy feedig.

4.Contiuous pyrolysis proces:Shredded tures go into the continuous
waste tyre pyrolysis plant, will firstly go through a mutiple
pyrolusis reactor sustem to be pyrolyzes into oil gas.And
oil gas will be coolig down to liquid oil through the cooling system.
The residues(carbon black)will be pushed by continuous feeding
tires to the barbon black dischrge system for diacharge.

waste plastic pyrolysis porcess
Waste plastics processing

1.All available plastic can boe shredded by plastics, and then feed
plastic granules directly into plastic continuous pyrolysis plant
through the feeding door.

2.Our feeding door is with screw inside, so it can help you easily
convey the plastic granules into our reactor No 1,then all the plastic
can be decomposed under the high temperature through reactor
No 1 to reactor No 2, then to reactor No 3...Until all the plastic
fully pyrolysed,then all the carbon black powder will be discharged
automatically to the carbon black tank.

3.All the available oil gas will be cooled by circulation waste and
the extra pyrolysis gas will be recycled through pipes into the
burners for heating again. In our continuous waste plastic pyrolysis
plant,the water circulation system and extra pyrolysis gas recycling
system will help you save much fuel and waste resource, in this way,
our plastic continuous pyrolysis plant can minimize your cost and
maximize your profits.

Technical support

What's raw material of continuous pyrolysis plant

continuous pyrolysis plant ROT analysis
ROI analysis of 10T continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic according to market
Heating fuel 300kg fuel oil or 100m3 gas for start up
Electricity 25Kw/h
Water Water is for recycle use, no consumption
Labour 1 workers per shift
Fuel oil 7000-7500 liters
Carbon black 2-2.5 tons
Tail gas For recycle use

Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is an upcoming industry that will fuel tomorrow's growth and protect environment by cleaning dumping yard off waste plastic. The business of continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant can help customer bring huge profit for you.