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Pyrolysis oil distillation plant project

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pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant video

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New waste tyre pyrolysis plant sucessfuly installed in Italy

pyrolysis plant
tyre pyrolysis plant
New waste tyre pyrolysis plant sucessfuly installed in Italy
After friendly negotiation in the early of 2017 when the Italy customer came to visit us, we closed an order of one set 10T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant. This waste tyre pyrolysis plant was delivered to Italy in March, and finished installation in May. Please check some pictures of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant finished installation as below.
Italy pyrolysis plant
pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Italy customer  workshop
You could see in the pictures that this waste tyre pyrolysis plant is a new frameset design, which could be directly put into container for shipping, and could save a lot of installation works in customer’s factory.
Except this waste tyre pyrolysis plant, we already installed one waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Italy 4 years before. So this is our second pyrolysis plant installation cases in Italy now. This pyrolysis plant could be used for processing waste tyres and plastics to fuel oil and carbon black. By selling the fuel oil and carbon black, customers could get high benefit from this business.

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