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Pyrolysis oil distillation plant video

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Waste plastics to fuel oil pyrolysis machines to Italia

July 20, 2016, Our factory delivered one set of 10ton waste plastics to  fuel oil pyrolysis machines for our Italian customer, who came and visited us twice. And He has a good knowledge of how to tell the waste plastics to  fuel oil pyrolysis machines design and how to tell the waste pyrolysis plant quality and how to customize a better design of pyrolysis plant. The waste pyrolysis plant he ordered is with advanced dedusting system. And all the condensors are fixed on a containerized frame. So the customized better design waste tires pyrolysis plant will be very clean and environmental -friendly.
Firstly, let us see his advanced dedusting system:

plastic to fule oil
Advanced dedusting system toItalia
Then let us see his containerized condensors and other systems in a frame:
plastic to fuel oi

Containerized condensors
By using our waste plastics to fuel oil pyrolysis machines, our Italian customer could get fuel oil and carbon blacks as final products. And to increase the profits, he also ordered two catalyst tanks to remove the odor and color of the  fuel oil. In this way, he finally will get  fuel oil. This  fuel oil has very high calorific value ,which is very good  fuel oil for heating for heavy industries, such as steel factories, aluminum factories, power plant etc.
Now, we already transported the machines with standard accessories to Qingdao port. And Very soon, our engineer will fly to Italy to install machines for him.
Now please have a look at how our factory delivered his machines:

plastic recycling machine
Waste plastics to fuel oil pyrolysis machines for the Italian customer
If you also need to recycle your waste tyres into  fuel oil or reuse, refine your waste plastics into fuel oil. And or you want to distillate your waste oil(waste plastic oil, wste tyre oil, waste engine oil, used motor oil, lube oil) into clear diesell fuel oil.Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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