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Pyrolysis oil distillation plant project

Refined tyre oil application video

Waste to diesel products

Waste to oil flow chart

pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis oil distillation plant video

Italy waste rubber to fuel oil pyrolysis plant running video
How to make diesel from plastic cheaply?
Waste tire /plastic pyrolysis plant demo process waste tire /plastic to fuel oil
Tyres doubling machine runing video
Pyrolyis plastic to diesel plant pyrolysis plastic to diesel process
Waste tire pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico by reported video
Waste engine oil to diesel demo waste engine oil to deisel process
German customer visited our DOING waste plastic into fuel oil running machine
Converting used plastic to crude oil pyrolysis plant
Refining tyre oil from distillation machine used into tractor directly

Malaysia customer came to buy scrap tires pyrolysis plant

They came to visit our factory in June 2012 and purchased one scrap tires pyrolysis plant. Scrap tire pyrolysis plant was running successfully in August 2012. Oil yield rate is about 43%-45%

scrap tires pyrolysis plant
 Malaysia customer in our factory visit scrap tires pyrolysis plant
scrap tires pyrolysis plant
Runing scrap tires pyrolysis plant in customer's factory.
scrap tires pyrolysis plant
Scrap tires in his factory

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