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Pyrolysis Plant Products

Pyrolysis process flow chart

pyrolysis plant

What we may concern when we select pyrolysis plant suppliers?

  1. Certified
    • ISO Certified organisation
    • CE Certified to manufacture Pyrolysis plant
  2. Professional and Structured Company:
    • Design engineering department
    • Mechanical engineering department Electrical and automation department
    • Project management team
    • Installation and commissioning engineers
    • Quality Control department
    • Customer care and safe service department
    • Tech Support
  3. Authentic and pioneered technology:
    • Check and verify if technology is owned or copied from someone else
    • Copy of any machine or technology is never perfect
    • Must own at least 2 pilot plants for developmental studies of pyrolysis
  4. After Sales Support:
    • Spare parts
    • Telephonic guidance & Tech Support department
    • Service by visit of technicians
    • Operating manual
  5. Visit to an operational pyrolysis plant:During visit verification of:
    • Scope of supply
    • Design calculations like:
    • Mass and energy balance
    • Energy efficiency
    • Scrubbing and emission
    • Payback calculations
  6. Not a "One Man Show":
    • There are at least 10 Employees in company (other than owner of company) who can:
    • Answer to any queries about Pyrolysis Plant
    • Know how to operate and maintain the plant
    • Guide you before and after installation of machinery
  7. No history of:
    • Fire accidents
    • Explosion or blast
    • Loss of life or serious injuries to operators / supervisors
    • Emission of black smoke and / or smell of chemical near the plant
    • Closure notice by Pollution Control Board
    • Discharge of hazardous effluent
  8. Discuss design calculations of:
    • Equipment design, Heating system design, Pollution control equipment
    • Appropriate Catalyst technology
    • Temperature and pressure control calculations
    • Heat Transfer ad Energy Conservation
    • Mass and Energy Balance
pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant

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